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Simeon Simov
1229 Sofia


Handynummer: +359878665669

Information: My conscious process of inner searching and exploration started about 20 years ago. In the beginning of my path I studied Manual Therapy and after that Psychology, however all the time I have felt the inner need to discover more and more methods and approaches for personal transformation, therapy and self-healing and to improve my abilities to help to the other people as well as to myself and to find more and more ways to catalyze the healing processes and the process of the evolution of the Soul.
During these years I was trained in the following methods:
- Free Breathing
- Integrative Breathing
- Integral Coaching
- Family Constellations
- Advanced Integrative Therapy
- Advanced Energy Psychology
- Soul Detective Work
I am co-founder and executive director of the Institute for Integral Development – Bulgaria, the leading organization in Bulgaria that provides professional trainings in 7 main directions including Breathwork.
I am working with clients in individual sessions but also I lead workshops, seminars, group sessions and practitioner trainings.
Although I use in my practice with my clients big number of methods, the Breathwork still stays my favorite method because this is the method that goes so deep and has so long-range effects and works so fast that I still cannot find another method that can work better and faster than Breathwork.