Integrative Breathwork – Relaxation for the body, opening for the soul

Integrative breathwork works with different breathing techniques aiming at integrating body, soul and spirit. The breath is used as an interface of these levels of human experience as it is a physical function which can be influenced rather easily, which is closely related to emotional experiences and which has been used as a powerful access to meditation.
Liberating the breathing from blocks is a crucial step to emotional and holistic healing. Integrative breathwork uses a combination of different methods which are adapted to the actual needs of the client. So the breathing patterns of a client can be optimised which is connected to releasing psychological tensions. Without pressure or directive interventions, the inherent tendency of the client’s breathing to deepening and strengthening is supported. This can be done by using specific music, verbal instructions and physical interventions. According to the personality structure of a person or a given problem, the deepening of the breathing can go into deeper relaxation or cathartic emotional expression, and often, one session has different phases usually coming to an end in profound relaxation.
An integrative breathwork session is commonly connected with verbal exchange before or after the breathing cycle. It can be easily combined with other methods of psychotherapy e.g. counselling, imaginative techniques, hypnotherapy etc.
Excellent practical results can be reported in cases of different physical problems, especially breathing problems, stress, psychological disorders. It is a way to self experience on a deep level and to transpersonal opening. A session usually needs one to two hours until the deepest level of relaxation and of positive feelings is reached.